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Ocean Magical Jar (Fun Size / 5 oz)

Ocean Magical Jar (Fun Size / 5 oz)

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Dive into a world of underwater fun with our Ocean Adventure Dough Sensory Kit, perfect for imaginative play and sensory exploration! This enchanting Magical Jar includes two delightful scents and colors: blue blueberry and white vanilla, paired with charming ocean-themed trinkets and toys, sure to inspire hours of creative fun.

What's Inside:

  • Blue blueberry scented magical dough
  • White vanilla scented magical dough
  • Assorted ocean-themed trinkets and toys (Note: Colors and toys may vary slightly from the photos, but they will always stay true to the ocean theme!)

Shipping Information: We ship your entire order as one shipment. If you need items by different dates, please place separate orders. Each order number corresponds to a single shipping date.

Safety Note: Suitable for ages 3 and up due to small parts.

Spark your child's imagination and sensory development with our Ocean Adventure Dough Sensory Kit. Order now and let the underwater fun begin!

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