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Cost Breakdown:

  • Ingredients & Supplies for 50 Jars: $122

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  • Selling 50 Jars at $8 Each: $400

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  • You Earn: $278
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    Our dough can be colored and scented as needed, allowing you to tailor it to any project.

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    Turn your creativity into cash! With our dough, you can make 40-50 party jars, achieving a 70% net profit margin.

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From my kitchen to yours

Welcome! I’m Mariah, a mother of two and the owner of The Dough House. My journey as a dough maker began in early 2020 when I started making sensory dough kits for kids. The idea took off, especially with everyone stuck at home, looking for ways to entertain their children. Our unique Magical Jars filled with colorful dough and fun toys quickly became popular, and business grew rapidly!

As a mother, finding a balance between running a business and taking care of my family was challenging. Making enough dough to meet demand while managing a household was exhausting. Often, I found myself wishing for a high-quality dough base that I could buy in bulk, freeing up my time to focus on what I love most – creating fun, themed sensory kits.

After three years of perfecting our recipe, we finally launched bulk Magical Dough. This product, available as both Plain Dough and Finished Dough, is designed to help other parents, teachers, and creators like me. It allows them to skip the messy, time-consuming part of dough making and dive straight into crafting and playing.

By sharing this product, I hope to empower others to achieve the same sense of fulfillment and financial support that I have found. Whether you’re a teacher, a sensory maker, an occupational therapist, or a parent, our Magical Dough is here to support your creative journey. Join us and explore the endless possibilities of play and learning with our high-quality, all-natural dough products!